The Joker and Harley Quinn utilises a wide variety of weapons and gadgets, most of which are disguised as harmless practical joke items.


  • Joker Venom
  • Knives - The Joker is well known for using a variety of knives, even a potato peeler in 2008's The Dark Knight.
  • Giant Gyroscope An oversized spinning he straps Batman onto for torture in Batman#12 “The Wizard of Words.”
  • Guns
  • Jester Cane sword - Although it looks like a ordinary cane, the jester cane contains a thin-razor sharp sword.
  • Razor-sharp Playing Cards -The Joker's playing cards are used much like shurikens. He can throw them with astounding accuracy and they have been shown to be sharp enough to damage Batman's gliding harness.
  • Electric Joy Buzzer - The joy buzzer is one of the Joker's most prominent weapons - worn on the hand as a ring, it discharges a lethal electric current into anything that comes into contact. Whilst it has been used for assassinations by tricking the victim into shaking hands, it is also used as a hand-to-hand weapon and can even be used as a battery for powering machinery.
  • Harpoon Gun -The Joker's harpoon gun initially takes the appearance of a harmless toy gun that shoots a small flag reading "BANG!". However, after a second pull of the trigger, the flag blasts out of the barrel and impales the target. Notably, in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, the harpoon gun was used by Tim Drake to kill the Joker.
  • Acid Flower - The flower that the Joker wears on his lapel can squirt a wide variety of chemicals. The chemical in the flower depends on the Joker's mood - it can be poison, Joker venom, acid, water or even nothing at all.
  • Crowbar - In 1988's A Death in the Family the Joker utilizes a crowbar to beat Jason Todd. The crowbar has become one of the character's signature weapons.
  • Hammer - In 2012's Death of the Family The Joker uses a hammer to beat Alfred.
  • Mallet - A weapon used by both The Joker and Harley Quin.
  • Boxing Glove Arm - In some incarnations the Joker has been shown to possess a spring-loaded mechanical arm with a boxing glove on the end. Whilst it appears to be harmless, the force of the spring is shown to be extremely powerful - enough to knock people out.
  • Long-barreled gun - seen in the 1989 movie Batman, this bizarre weapon that the Joker pulls out of his pants (which would be impossible given the gun barrel's size) is powerful enough to take down the Batwing with one shot. It's a Smith & Wesson Model 15-3 revolver with a custom 21-inch telescoping barrel that fires explosive shells.
  • Explosive Toys: Sometimes the Joker uses explosives toys like bears , soldiers, chattering teeths or pies.
  • Presents: has anything from bombs to thugs
  • Bazooka
  • Various Custom Explosives: Green or purple. Usually have Joker's grin painted on
  • Cupid Extractor 1600 (Rob Dalton Remake) - As seen in Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' The Joker uses a Rob Dalton Cupid Extractor knife, as seen in many scenes such as Harvey Dent's Fundraiser (Where the Joker threatens to put a smile on Rachel Dawe's face)
  • Grenades in Coat - As seen in The Dark Knight, The Joker's purple coat contains a variety of grenades and explosives which can be triggered by pulling a string.
  • 2 Pencil - As seen in The Dark Knight, The Joker can turn a simple pencil in to a weapon when he performs a "magic trick", during a mob metting.The ELECTRIC JOY BUZZER or hand buzzer is one that the Joker favorites out of all of his weapons . Obviously , this weapon of the Joker has been used in most of the movies and video games upon the wonderful world today ; Including : The Killing Joke , Batman Arkham Asylum , Batman(the1960 series) , Batman from the 1980's , and just so much more between the video games , comic books , and movies , and even the television shows . The joy buzzer is just one of the wonderful Joker weapons.
  • Lighter - In 1989 "Batman" Joker used his lighter for the candle he bought, which it shoot out a line of fire like a blowtorch.

Other WeaponsEdit

  • The RAZOR SHARP CARDS are another one of the Joker weapons .Seen from the 1940's all the way to the far seen future of our world today . Most people think that the razor sharp playing card's of the Joker are based off of the one weapon of the Batman known as the batarang . Now the cards are simple to use . All you have to do is aim and then throw them . Like said before , their are just many weapons of our one friend the Joker .
  • EXPLODING TEETH are not the most common of the Jokers weapons but they get the job done . Once they are winded up the Joker will throw them at someone , and after just about 3-4 seconds it will explode and the person will be finished off . This weapon was found through Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman(1980) . The Joker normally carries these around when he is at his base . Now their are just a couple more weapons of the Joker .
  • JOKER TOXIN is a of often use of the Jokers time . The Joker used this in Batman Arkham Asylum and many others such as the killing joke . As of this , the Joker toxin can cause three different side effects . All of which have been seen in different films or video games . The Joker venom ( when inhaled ) will make it so the person will not have the ability to move , Give them a horrific smile , Or make them laugh uncontrolabally ending in suffocation .