Joker (BTAS)
Publication Information
First appearance "Joker's Favor"
Created by Bob Kane & Bill Finger (concept)
Bruce Timm (Design)
Mark Hamill (voice actor)
The New Batman Adventures
Episode: "Beware the Creeper"
Biographical Information
True Identity Unknown
Hair Green/Black
Eyes Yellow (B:TAS)
White (TNBA)
Red (BB, SS, JL)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Skin color Chalk White
Gender Male
Affiliations Injustice Gang
Royal Flush Gang
Partner(s) Harley Quinn (on-and-off)
Mo, Lar, and Cur
Charlie Collins (former)
Known alias(es) Clown Prince of Crime
Grand Mogul of Mountebanks
Abilities Genius-level intelligence
Skilled chemist and inventor
Complete lack of empathy
Immunity to various toxins
(Limited) immunity to mental manipulation
Arch-nemesis Batman

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